Pratha Samajik Sanstha


Till date Our programs the Slum Sanitation Program (SSP) has completed the Phase I of 450 toilet blocks consisting of 6050 toilet seats. The Phase II sees 650 toilet blocks constructed of 4700 toilet seats which are under construction. The target of Phase II is to build 35,000 toilet seats by 2022 all over Mumbai.

About our foundation

Why we help

Many migrant laborers living in slums or on pavements work daily wages. They are not guaranteed work every single day of the month. It is these people most hit by diseases as they continue to live in unhygienic surroundings even whilst sick and few can afford proper healthcare services. Consequently their monthly income declines. Government healthcare services are overcrowded by people seeking help. 

Our history

Mumbai, 26th Aug 2008: “PRATHA” is an emerging N.G.O. formed by a group of professionals and Social Workers for enhancing Sanitation Programs and to motivate and help the people residing in slums to create a clean, open defecation free environment in their neighborhood.

List of our volunteers


The professionals and social Workers, whose ideas have made “PRATHA,” have previous experience in Slum Sanitation as well as invaluable expertise in social fields like Education, Health, Employment, Sports, CBO empowerment and similar activities.

Smt. Veena Bhatia (Bsc. B. Ed)

- President

Mr. Prakash Thakare

- Vice President

Mr. Vijay Shetty

- Treasure

Shri Aniruddha Nakhawa

- Joint security

Our Latest Programs and Events

August 9, 2022

BCC. Project behavior change of community.

BCC. Project behavior change of community. Community toilet block at amrut nagar ghatkopar west
August 9, 2022

S.S.P Project slum sanitation program

S.S.P Project slum sanitation program. Comunity toilet block. At mankhurd maharastra nagar.
August 9, 2022

M. C Muncipal , Highway suvidha sanitation project.

Highway suvidha. M. C Muncipal , Highway suvidha sanitation project.   Mentens by pratha last date of 6/10/2021

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