From the given data it can be seen that the problem of providing sanitation and sustainability it is very serious. Our challenge is the implementation of this task.

Since 2001

“PRATHA” started to work on the issue of sanitation since year 2001 and has provided vision and thereafter direction in creating a community based model on sanitation.

An initiative taken by Govt. organisation & other private organisation in sanitation field MCGM (Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai) and MMRDA (Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority) have taken the initiative to tackle this sanitation problem by initiating the projects in its region as Slum Sanitation Project and Nirmal MMR Abhiyan respectively.

Nirmal MMR Abhiyan

Under this project an old toilet get demolished and the new toilet with large capacity of seats get constructed at same
place, CBO (Community Base Organisation) is given preference to maintain the toilet, with separate arrangements for Children,
Old age and handicapped, an appointed caretaker and an inde- pendent water recourse i.e. Borewell , RCC construction etc..
are the other main features. CBOs are creating a new demand for this type of Toilet Blocks.

The Slum Sanitation Program

The Slum Sanitation Program (SSP) is the initiative of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. The program aims at building sustainable toilet blocks in the slums of Mumbai and training slum dwellers to operate and maintain them. Phase I of the SSP was initiated with financial aid from the World Bank. SSP toilets are built on the demands of slum dwellers.

Being Hygiene

The toilets are clean and well maintained and this responsibility lies with Community Based Organisations (CBO). The CBO consists of
enterprising slum dwellers who live at close proximity to a toilet block. Every CBO hires a resident caretaker who lives at the up- per most level of the toilet block along with his or her family.

A first-of-its-kind documentary film is being made on SSP by reputed photo journalist and an independent film maker Girish Menon which gives an insight of the
entire project, the way it is implemented and its usage to the community.

Reviews of Shree Girish Menon (journalist & film maker)

He explains, “Public sanitation facility are a basic requirement in Mumbai through all these years and we have seen very little results in terms of improving public sanitation facilities. Poor public sanitation directly or indirectly affects all sections of society and the economy as a whole. Through this film we have tried to showcase an idea that can go along with in improving sanitation facilities in slums”.


“PRATHA” held a press conference with a viewing of the film, at the Indian Merchant’s Chamber in Churchgate, Mumbai. This was the first time that the federation of Community Based Organisations (CBO) got an opportunity to address the media and voice their views / opinions.

The panel consist of members of Pratha including Mr. Anil Bhatia, a contractor and social entrepreneur, documentary filmmaker Girish
Menon, Mr. R.A. Sattar, the president of the CBO federation and members of commutiny based organisations.